CS:GO Skins

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Everyone around the world likes playing CS: GO and now we can finally appreciate this chapter of our favorite military simulator in the web. Global Offensive looks undoubtedly better. Of course, nothing miraculous happened, but the graphics was overall updated with better textures and clearer details. Still, it is designed for a wide audience, including players with weak computers. The authors were especially successful models of fighters. From now on, they are attached to certain levels. Dust and Dust 2 turned into a battlefield for Israeli special forces and Palestinians, and on Office the FBI destroys colorful anarchists. The assortment is not bad: Russians threaten the Aztec pyramids, Caucasians in tank helmets attack nuclear facilities, Italian socialists mine Inferno. Even the voice acting was recorded differently for everyone with new skins.

The game has also surprised the players with additional modes. For them, Hidden Path has prepared a separate pack of maps. Arms Race is basically a team death match where for each victim you get a new weapon, and the last enemy must be killed with a knife. Demolition is an accelerated version of the “disruptive” mission, in which there is only one goal, and you can reach it in 10 seconds. The equipment here also changes in the manner of Arms Race.

Of course, these hectic entertainment is unlikely to captivate for a long time. They are suitable only for a short rest from traditional sabotage and rescue of hostages. “Classics” is now divided into two types: Competitive and Casual. The first is distinguished by strict rules: fights are in the “5 by 5” format, clumsy comrades can block the passage, crazy bullets are dangerous for the allies. In the second, 10 by 10 shootings, free body armor and other liberties are available.

However, even in Casual, an ordinary battle is a tense competition. On the screen there is always a scoreboard with a score. The match lasts no more than 10 rounds (in Competitive – no more than 30), but often ends earlier if any team manages to win more than half of the clashes. Then the game loads the next battle and mixes the participants. Thanks to this, Global Offensive is likely to rattle your nerves no less than the original. You can make sure of this by launching the game online on our site!