Counter-Strike Online

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Fans of CS all over the world are clapping their hands – we now have online access to Counter-Strike Online! Has the studio been able to surprise us? Sure! We’ve been waiting for the classic modes with the installation of the bomb and the release of the hostages, but CS: GO offers two more game options – casual (at the beginning of each round, armor is given for free, after death you can watch all players) and competitive (you have to buy everything, fights they go strictly 5 by 5, the fire is on according to their own, and you can only watch teammates). The latter is more like classic CS, and the former involves faster battles. By the way, in the event of an imbalance, bots can take a place in the team with a shortage of players – contrary to popular belief, here they are far from helpless and do not behave stupidly. In addition, after death, you can enter the game instead of the bot, without waiting for rebirth before the start of the next round. Finally, after the end of a series of rounds, the game shuffles the lineups – for the sake of this, Global Offensive can be loved.

CS: GO doesn’t stop there, adding Arms Race and Demolitions modes, you cannot buy weapons in any of them. The first is a lot like the “Gun Game” from Call of Duty: Black Ops: the players are divided into two teams, but after each kill the character gets a new weapon. The first to sort through all the trunks and kill the enemy with a knife, he won. Demolitions are closer to the classics: in fact, this is the same CS with one exception. If a character commits a kill, in the next round he will receive another (in general, worse) weapon plus a grenade for additional killings. Thanks to this, CS: GO not only adds great dynamics, but also gets good chances to attract players who avoided the series due to the need to sit in observer mode in anticipation of the next round. And the wolves are happy and the sheep are getting fat: oldfags pray for the same CS with improved graphics, newcomers get the opportunity to touch the classics without risking wiping their pants from impatience. Will it improve the gaming mechanics and the dynamics of the match? Let’s play and see!