CS:GO Hacks

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Let’s agree, modern shooters aren’t very challenging. There are many features helping the players and allowing them to get even out of the toughest fixes literally without a scratch. Counter Strike is not like that. It still sticks to the harsh rules of the old school. That’s why today it’s perceive something like a special operation simulator. The battle is clearly divided into rounds, at the beginning of which the teams appear at their bases and acquire equipment. Health is not replenished either by itself or by first-aid kits, and a pair of bullets is enough to die. The dead are not reborn until one of the parties prevails (sometimes it takes several minutes to wait). Upgrading? Air support? Forget it.

Therefore, CS: GO is so demanding on the skills of the player. If you do not know how to quickly and accurately aim with the mouse, there will be little pleasure. With the exception of sniper rifles and a pair of submachine guns with optics, they have to be fired “from the hip,” focusing only on the crosshairs. But fans will appreciate the arsenal that has plumped. Terrorists and field investigators received unique shotgun, Israeli Negev was added to the M249 machine gun, the MP5 submachine gun was replaced by MP7 and Bison. Most exotic is the taser: short-range, with a single charge, but hit immediately disables. There are a couple of new grenades that expand tactical capabilities: a Molotov cocktail and a snag that simulates shooting.

However, there were plenty of weapons before. It’s just that everyone bought Desert Eagle, MP5, AK-47, M4 and AWP, and the rest of the “guns” collected dust. In order to shake the balance, the developers conjured over TTX and a system of bonuses for killing. If you use not an expensive and powerful “trunk”, but a cheap one, the rewards will be higher. The problem was not completely corrected, but there is more diversity now.

The old maps have also beed trimmed up. The changes are mostly cosmetic, although the artists have added some hallways and building parts here and there and deleted those that were out of place. For instance, at the middle of the tunnel in Dust there is now a ladder that allows you to quickly get upwards. The skins also look a bit different. Test all these new amazing features right now playing CS: GO online!