Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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Everyone is talking about CS: GO and you surely want to know what has changed in the gameplay and what to expect from the new release. Well, here are the answers! The main difference from the original is that Global Offensive runs on the Source engine. Hence the modernized graphics, effects and the availability of adequate physics. Given the age and engine optimization, all new beauties do not particularly affect game performance, even on weak configurations. And anyway, sooner or later, all effects will be disabled by the player himself, as unnecessary and distracting from the process. The levels have become more detailed and believable, but they haven’t practically changed the architecture.

Having an adequate physical engine can scare many CS fans, but fears are superfluous. Weapons and grenades behave as before, but you will have to get used to the penetration of materials again. You can forget about the good old replants and texture bugs, but I bet players will soon find a new set of exploits that will be immediately canonized.

The arsenal expanded slightly, but did not undergo drastic changes. The weapon, although it looks and sounds different, behaves as it should. Silencers have sunk into the abyss, and new firearms, though well-designed, make one wonder about the need for their presence in the already vast arsenal, since they do not bring any additional functionality into it. You will also have to get used to the new procurement system. New, in the sense that many key combinations for the purchase have been changed, and the visual presentation of the store in the form of a radial menu does not quite help to understand them. Cartridges are automatically purchased to the maximum at the beginning of each round for free, so this habit will also have to be eliminated. Some of the changes and have also touched upon the gaming modes, but let it be a surprise for you as you launch CS: Global Offensive on our site and plunge right into fight!