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The secret of Counter Strike and its popularity is the simplicity of the gameplay. And Global Offensive managed to keep it this way while introducing plenty of new features that made old players even more in love with the game and attracted a good deal of new audience! The whole process looks very easy: grab the weapons at the beginning of the match and run forth finishing off everyone you see in your path. There is even no aiming at the click of the right button – you have to shoot on the go, in the good old manner.

There are no four main gaming modes – this is an official record for Counter Strike. In addition to classic missions like holding or saving captives or laying or deactivating a bomb, you can now enjoy something called ‘Arms race.’ All players on the map being the combat with pistols and receive more powerful guns for every kill. The person who was the first to get one of each weapon kinds (in total there are 26 of them) and murdered their last victim with a knife wins the round. The action is very high-paced, so there is no time to yawn!

Another new mode is ‘Demolition.’ This is a two-minute blitzkrieg for two teams. One of them is trying to blow up the key point and the other is doing everything in their power to thwart them. The fights run on tiny maps full of covers and camper positions. These locations will immediately remind you of online maps from Modern Warfare. However, there is only one control point on the map – each team has to get there first and keep it.

The old modes have also been slightly altered. They are now available in two version: the common one and the simplified one. The friendly casual mode turns off the ability to shoot at allies, gives you an opportunity to run through them and provides both sides with free armor. There are no slacks like these in the common version, but you’ll still be lavishly reward for kills.

You’ll find the maps also familiar: small towns and bustling cities, eastern landscapes and other sights you’ve already seen in previous Counter Strike editions. All of them are traditionally divided based on missions. There are only two maps with hostages – Italy and Office. Perhaps the rest will return to us with updates along with the teased zombie mode. This is just a small bit of things that can be told about Global Offensive. The best way to find out what it’s like is to play the game online and you can do it right here, on our site! Join thousands of other players and do everything to win!