Counter-Strike Condition Zero

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The good old Counter Strike: Global Offensive is now available online! What can we expect from this marvelous game? At first sight, the developers have remained faithful to the traditions. It’s the same old CS that we love and respect, but with a few slight tweaks and a bunch of new features that haven’t altered the gameplay beyond recognition. Basically, it’s CS: Source with updated visuals, better physics, new maps and weapons. The studio has combined modern technologies with nostalgia and that worked just right.

A few words about the battle mechanics. There is no upgrade system beyond the battleground and the opponents start each fight in equal conditions. The money is earned by killing the enemies and performing tactical maneuvers like installing a bomb or saving hostages. At the beginning of the round each player spends that money on weapons, armor and grenades. The latter have been expanded with hot novelties: Molotov and inflammatory grenades that can be used to easily block corridors or set careless players on fire.

Another new thing is false grenades that imitate the sound of the weapon used by the person who throws them. They can come in quite handy since experienced players often react to sound. The developers also added electroshock Zeus x27 that kills with one hit. The only problem is that it can be used only once. If you miss, the shocker will be wasted in vain and you’ll be left with empty hands. Just for a few moments, but it can be critical. In online fights, it’s enough to stay unprotected even for a fraction of a second and you’re dead body.

Finally, you can try your hand at two new modes. One of them sends you on a hectic weapon race challenging you to upgrade your firearms from the most basic to the most intricate faster than other players. With 26 different kinds of those available in the match, it’s going to take you a long time and a lot of effort to find one of each type. The second mode is a game for two teams who need to take control of the key point. One of the teams has a task to set a bomb there and the other’s mission is to protect it. The match lasts just two minutes, so the players need to be fast and coordinated. Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive online and enjoy all these perks and even more!