Counter-Strike 1.6

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If you are seeking for dynamic fire fights and some stunning action, you should definitely check out CS: Global Offense! This version of the legendary shooter saves all the best features of the original while also bringing in some additions that make the gameplay more diverse. So, what do players want when it comes to the release of a new part of their favorite game? Of course, more action and more weapons! And there are plenty of both in GO.

The most influential changes affected the arsenal: the developers added a Molotov cocktail, a noise grenade and several new barrels, including a stun gun with a small radius of action, incapacitating the enemy from a single hit (but there is only one charge). A more pleasant change was the rebalance of weapon characteristics: there is a hope that the fighters will use something other than AK, M4, AWP, Desert Eagle and MP5 (here it was replaced by MP7). In addition, for the killings from inexpensive guns they give more money. It is unlikely that it will force the use of cheap weapons, rather it is a way to quickly accumulate on your favorite gun. And casual at all won’t notice the differences between the classic CS and Global Offensive weapons: key characteristics like the lethal force of the AK-47 and Desert Eagle are carefully transferred from the old game to the new one.

Differences in the design of the maps are just as minimalistic: they redid the geometry a bit, added small details, and improved the color scheme. Notably, the balance only changed on the popular Dust: it acquired a wooden bridge over the ascent from the tunnel and the ladder in it, and if earlier the passage under the bridge became a training ground for the sniper duel, now almost the entire terrorist team is rushing there. Find out more playing CS: Global Offensive online!