CS:GO New Update

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Bullets whistling past your ears, exploding grenades somewhere nearby, short dashes in the ruins of barracks and one single goal – to deal with enemies before time runs out … All this is Counter Strike. Many people have known this game since childhood, and every update is an event that thousands, if not millions of players, follow with bated breath. What did the creators of the cult shooter prepare for us this time?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is conditionally divided into two parts. The first is the same classic, the second is two completely new modes. Subspecies of the “classic” CS are competitive and amateur. They differ from each other in details, noticeable to not every player. The basic principles are the same: terrorists against special forces, the purchase of weapons at the beginning of the round, well-coordinated team play, shooting in short bursts (preferably in the head) and preferably not on the run. Beginners will have a hard time here, especially considering that 70% of online players have at least a hundred hours of CS experience.

In addition to the expanded arsenal of weapons, the choice of grenades and ammunition was expanded – which is only an electric shock gun. The balance of each trunk is still in question, but it is more likely to be of the most meticulous nature for e-sportsmen: not everyone can understand the difference between Kalashnikov from CS 1.6 and GO. It is much more important that in the new game modes, this whole arsenal somehow turns out to be in action, and not hopelessly locked into the Desert Eagle, AK-47, M4A1 and the “dandy”.

There is also a matchmaker, automatically selecting a well-populated and the lowest ping game server. A tutorial has appeared. Models of players vary depending on the map, corresponding to the environment and thematic design, for example, Arab terrorists in the Middle East, bandits in suits and white gloves in American suburbs.

Players will be happy to see old maps that they know from previous versions, but with updated details. Thus, the creators were able to breathe new life into the game, without spoiling the good that was already in it. Global Offensive is suitable both for solo and team play, for a short break at work and for a full gaming evening. The old experience gained in other Counter Strike games will come in handy, but at the same time you can use some new tactics and get new experiences. All of these are reasons to try CS: GO without delay! Plenty of joy and thrill are guaranteed!