CS GO Mobile

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Created decades ago, CS GO Mobile invented everything that has now become a classic of multiplayer shooters: two teams, real firearms, quick matches. It perfectly fit into the landscape of the time when terrorism was a hot problem. Further attempts to refresh the classics in the form of Condition Zero and Source showed how fragile the original formula of the game is. In trying to change it, even the usually infallible Valve got into a puddle. Both games were unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. But Global Offensive is quite another story.

The familiar physics of CS, without inappropriate claims for realism, remained intact. The soldiers run and jump tirelessly, switch weapons almost instantly, from wounds they do not darken in the eyes, but only the amount of health and armor decreases. Instead, we are encouraged to focus on things that are much more interesting from the point of view of warfare – for example, listen to steps, determining the location of the enemy, or control the spread of bullets from a particular gun.

At the same time, each individual CS item has been updated. All maps were not only redrawn, but also rebuilt in some places. A striking example is Dust. Having built a flimsy bridge from a pair of boards and adding one single ladder, the developers received a map with a completely different balance of power. A separate song is new platforms, especially for the Demolition mode. Most of them are an extended concept of Mansion, along with Dust that accompanied CS from the earliest beta versions. As before, the authors provide an ideal ratio of open and closed spaces on each map, and to learn any of them and remember for life is a matter of a couple of hours.

The main novelty of the game is the Arms Race mode. Two teams start the game on opposite sides of a small map; instead of purchasing, everyone is given a light machine gun, and for each subsequent kill, a new weapon. Although the team mode, it is still the purest “meat” – there is no division into rounds here, and the winner is the player who has changed all 27 barrels, including pistols and heavy machine guns. According to a similar principle, with the change of weapons, the Demolition mode works, only the game goes strictly five by five and rounds. As you can see, even if you are one of those people fearing Valve might have repeat the fate of Source, Global Offensive is definitely a CS version you should try! Your very match is waiting for you!