CS GO 2020

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Those in love with fighting and shooting should by no means go past CS GO 2020! This is a game you can talk about for hours. To begin with, of course, there is no plot in it. Everything remains as before, counter-terrorists engage in fierce battles with terrorists, freeing hostages, setting bombs and destroying crowds of enemies. Counter Strike: Global Offensive includes new weapons, new characters, as well as updated and improved graphics. The developers also updated the game interface, achievement system, player tables and much, much more.

Talking about weapons. In addition to returning to us updated models of the already familiar guns, new types of weapons were added to the game, such as the semi-automatic Tec-9 pistol, Koch P2000 and Heckler pistols, Mag-7 shotguns, Nova (XM1014) and classic “Edge”. Also added to the game are PP-Bizon, MP9 and MP7 submachine guns. Not without its “staff reduction”, TMP and MP5 submachine guns were removed from the combat arsenal of fighters, but the developers added the B24-1 M249 machine gun to the game. The Zeus x27 pistol deserves special attention, its peculiarity is that it can make only one shot, but this shot has crushing, firepower. In addition, for all types of weapons, the characteristics were changed to more believable.

In terms of grenades, Global Offensive also underwent a change. The arsenal of the fighter now includes Molotov cocktail and grenade bait. The first one is useful when it is necessary to cut off the path of enemies, the wall of fire will surely delay your enemies, but the second unit (bait grenade) will help us distract the enemies or trap them, the fact is that this grenade is capable of emitting the sounds of shots, which can confuse the enemy. In terms of sounds, there are no special changes, only now every type of grenade, when thrown, is accompanied by an individual cry. “Fire in the hole!” Is a “cry” for a classic, explosive grenade, and, for example, “Decoy out!” Is a “cry” for a grenade.